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Mixtape Monthly (April)

Well there were some awesome mixtapes this month, but this month is gonna have to go to to J.R. Writer. His highly anticipated mixtape “Still Standing” finally dropped today. And he spazzes out on this! Can’t believe he didn’t puke in the booth while recording this cause this is sick. I know a lot of people (including myself) have been waiting day by day for this shit to drop and were getting fed up with all the delays and push backs. But in the end I guess it was well worth the wait. Continue reading after the jump for the Tracklist and my Honorable Mentions (with links)..


1. Still Standing Intro
2. Back At It
3. Salute
4. Spazz
5. Grind Grizzly
6. 60 Bars Of Torture
7. Make It Hot
8. ***** Wit A Gun
9. Man On Fire
10. They Know Feat. Drag-On Prod by Vybe
11. Live From D.R.
12. G.O.A.T. Feat . Cassidy
13. Stupid Wild (Freestyle)
14. Win (Freestyle)
15. Money Money Money Feat. Fred Money
16. Stop It 5 (Freestyle)
17. Mayday
18. I Am High
19. Double O Prod by Vybe
20. I Do
21. Beast Mode Feat. Promise
22. Welcome to My Life Feat 40 Cal
23. I Don’t Give A fu*k Feat. Fred Money Prod by Vybe
24. ThundaByrdz (Freestyle) feat Fresh & Fred Money
25. What I Do

Download MixTape Here

Honorable Mentions:

M.I.C. – 202z and Brown Bagged Booze
Game – The R.E.D Room
Young Buck – There Will Be Blood v.2
Wiz Khalifa – Kush & Orange Juice

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