You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Bring It Back (6)

Atmosphere – “Sunshine” live at Soundset ’09

All I’m going to say is.. this song is incredible! Obviously one of my all time favorite Atmosphere song. Off the album “Sad Clown Bad Summer Number 9”. “Sunshine” and “Yesterday” are both my two favorite tracks from Atmosphere actually, Yesterday of course is off “When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Shit Gold” and if you haven’t, go check that album out. You will not be disappointed. But yeah, I guess you can say I’m sort of a newer Atmosphere fan.. A friend gave me a copy of When Life Gives You Lemons and after the first listen I was blown away. Absolutely amazing, from start to finish. So that’s why I’m bringing this shit back, for those that haven’t heard it before and are welcome to try new things.. No Homo.

Download “Sunshine” Here

Download “Yesterday” Here

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