You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Charles Hamilton – The Blue Lavalamp (M/A/T/E) [Album]

So you still haven’t gotten enough Charles huh? Well how about his last and final album M/A/T/E (Mirrors Are The Enemy)? This shit is OD. So insanely awesome. Below Charles speaks a little on the album.

Only thing I wish to remind you, I recorded this album at Ethan Packet’s Harlem apartment. RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM FDA (where The Pink Lavalamp was recorded).

I recorded in a room where there is no mirrors or clocks. In the 2-3 weeks I recorded this album, I did not see my reflection at all.

Yes, M/A/T/E is The Blue Lavalamp.

The inevitable question: where do you go from here?

Answer: Keep listening.

Jiovine and I came up with the 8-song idea.

Oh sh1t. Did I just admit to still being on Interscope?


Broke Rich Bitch
John Nintendo
Music 2
Phanthom Plural
Private Parts
Yeah Right Nigga

Download Album Here

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