You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased 5 (Mixtape)

There’s one name that controls the game and his name is…
Charles Hamilton. And I welcome you The Bonus & Unreleased 5! 1-4 are all classics and 5 is just unreal. Charles has released a lot of music last year, and a lot of it were just leaked tracks not on any official projects. So if you missed any here is the place to get em. Of coarse also some classic bonus tracks on this as well. Few peeps been asking “are there gonna be more unreleased tracks on vol. 5?” As I said before I didn’t make these tapes to leak unreleased tracks. If I did that I would make some people mad and I’m not here to do that. The unreleased shit stays locked up for the time being. But without further to do, I present to you….


01 – Sega Police (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
02 – Best Freestyle Of 2010 (Prod. By Kanye West)
03 – My Fro Is Coming Back (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
04 – Swine Flue (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
05 – (At) Photoshop (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
06 – Hi Jahira (And Rebbecca) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
07 – twitter.comsonghachang (Prod. By Kanye West)
08 – All Alone pt. 2 (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
09 – Curve All (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
10 – The Return of Bleach (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
11 – BSSY (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
12 – Mars Vs Jupiter (Feat. Nell$ Butta & Toine Mars) (Prod. By Sha-leik)
13 – Whats My Name (Serious Jones Diss) (Prod. By Eminem)
14 – No, No, No (Feat. Teairra Mari) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
15 – I’am Allison (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
16 – Body Roc (Feat. Show Tufli) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)

Download Mixtape Here

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