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Chamillionaire (Feat. Nipsey Hussle) – When Ya On

Chamillionaire just released 1 song and 2 new freestyles. Shouts to the good people at Chamillitary Muzik for the links on these. Chamillionaire, one of my all time favorite rappers from the south has been on USTREAM for a few hours today talking about his new plans in music, and why he’s been on the low low for so long. First reason he has finally been let go from Universal, Cham has been planning this for a minute now and it finally happened. So he is now an independent artist. So now he wants everybody to create a playlist called “Playlist Poison” and he will be releasing music for said playlist for his fans to listen too until he plans his next move. And the album Venom will not be dropping because Universal made a deal with him that if he left that they kept the album and artwork and all other music of such. So cham is starting fresh this year with a mind full of creative ideas. So sit back and enjoy the music! Chamilitary Mayne.

Chamillionaire (Feat. Nipsy Hussle) – When Ya On
Download Track Here

Chamillionaire – The Game Needs Me (Freestyle)
Download Track Here

Chamillionaire – Pass Out (Remix)
Download Track Here

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