You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Charles Hamilton – Attempts at “Swag” (Mixtape)

Well I’m glad this finally got out to the public’s hands, thanks to WiCH! All I’m gonna say is this shit pounds so enjoy it. There are a lot of unreleased CH projects out there, glad the fans can enjoy the unheard music. This was also added in the official Hamilton Discography on the right side of the page.

Words from WiCH:

This is being officially released here, after discussions between NHF, since somebody that Charles trusted with the project, decided to sell it to people, whom took it upon themselves to leak it song by song, we do not appreciate that AT ALL, but we wanted to see the project get a proper release, so we bring to you :


01 – (I) Accept My Apollo G
02 – (Do) Break Ups
03 – (Not) Disses
04 – (Have) Midget Mobile
05 – (Any) November 10th 2009
06 – (Swagger) Outside pt. 2 (Fedora Music in the Lobby)
07 – (At) Photoshop
08 – (All) SNL
09 – U B Y I C

Download Project Here

[Again, thanks again to WiCH]

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