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Mixtape Monthly (January)

Last month the hottest mixtape to drop hands down was Game’s Purp & Patron. Not many rappers will drop 40,000 + out of their own pockets to make a mixtape for the fans. Game’s head seems to be straight and focused this year. Lets hope he keeps this up for the R.E.D album. Can’t forget The Hangover as well. Some gems on that shit too. Not much more to say so enjoy and Honorable Mentions after the jump.


01. The Game – L.A. Times [Produced By Ervin “EP” Pope]
02. The Game – In My ’64 (Feat. Pharrell & Snoop Dogg) [Produced By The Neptunes]
03. The Game – Soo Woo (Feat. Lil Wayne) [Produced By Bink]
04. The Game – Living Better Now (Feat. Detail & Tools) [Produced By DJ Shake]
05. The Game – R.I.P. Story [Produced by Nottz]
06. The Game – Purp & Patron Sam Hook & Menace & TD [Produced By DJ Shake]
07. The Game – I’m The King (Remix) (Feat. Mistah FAB & The Jacka) [Produced By 1500 Or Nuthin’]
08. The Game – Taylor Made (Feat. Wiz Khalifa) [Produced By Che Vicious]
09. The Game – Childrens Story [Produced By Ervin “EP” Pope]
10. The Game – Dead [Produced By 1500 Or Nothin’]
11. The Game – Ferrari Lifestyle (Feat. Fabolous) [Produced By D.A. Dorman]
12. The Game – The Kill [Produced By Cool & Dre]
13. The Game – Heart Breaker (Feat. Rev. Burke) [Produced By the RZA]
14. The Game – Purp & Yellow SKEETOX (Feat. Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa) (Remix)
15. The Game – Burn NY (Feat. Mysonne) [Produced By Mike City]
16. The Game – Bad Intentions [Produced By DJ Shake]
17. The Game – Khaki Suit (Feat. T-Pain) [Produced By T-Pain]
18. The Game – Wonderful World [Produced by DJ Shake]
19. The Game – Ashed To Ashes (Feat. Rick Ross)
20. The Game – Dedicated (Feat. Pharrell) [Produced By The Neptunes]
21. The Game – Soft Rhodes (Feat. Ashanti) [Produced By Dr. Dre]
22. The Game – I Just Want To F*ck [Produced By Denaun Porter]
23. The Game – 187 (Feat. Lil Boosie)
24. The Game – Whip It (Feat. Fabolous) [Produced By DJ Haze]
25. The Game – Favorite DJ Remix (Feat. Clinton Sparks & Jim Jones) [Produced By Green Lantern]
26. The Game – Supastar (Feat. Ashley Cole & Mike Epps) [Produced By Ervin “EP” Pope]
27. The Game – Can A Drummer Get Some (Feat. Travis Barker, Swizz Beatz, Lil Wayne & Rick Ross) [Produced By Travis Barker]
28. The Game – History (Feat. Doug E. Fresh, Big Daddy Kane & KRS One) [Produced By Ervin “EP” Pope]
29. The Game – The Ocean (Feat. Dre) [Produced By Dr. Dre & Che Vicious]

Download Mixtape Here

Honorable Mentions:

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased 6

Axis – Public Axis Vol. 1 – Enter With Care

Killa Kyleon – Candy Paint & Texas Plates

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