You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Lost & Found: Cory Gunz – Heir To The Throne

Ok so as I said few posts down, I was gonna post up some Cory Gunz music. Well I finally got some mixtapes and I have been playing them all day. First being Heir To The Throne. I really enjoyed this one and I think everybody else will too. Dude spazzes with the pen.


01. Intro
02. Who U Fuckin’ Wit’
03. Cory Speaks #1
04. Let’s Move
05. Plenty Money Freestyle
06. Papa Gat Speaks
07. Bomb Day
08 A New Day
09. Gangsta Grillz
10. Shaq Drop
11. Crew In The Spot
12. Gun Shy
13. Buss A Nigga Head
14. Type Of Nigga I Be
15. Get Right Tonight
16. Drug Raps
17. Big Noise
18. V12
19. Money We Gon’ Get It
20. Shut ‘Em Down
21. Blowin’ This Paper
22. Get U Shot
23 Get You Shot Pt.2
24. Cory Speaks #2
25. This Is What We Do
26. Out Ya Mind

Download Mixtape Here

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