You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Kendrick Lamar – Overly Dedicated [EAC]

Finally got an EAC of one of my favorite projects from last year.

Download Mixtape Here


01. The Heart Pt. 2 Ft. Dash Snow (Prod. Roots) 4:53
02. Growing Apart (From Everything) Ft. Jhene Aiko (Prod. 3:41
03. Night Of The Living Junkies (Prod. Sounwave) 3:13
04. P and P 1.5 Ft. Ab-Soul (Prod. King Blue) 6:02
05. Alien Girl (Today With Her) (Prod. Sounwave) 4:00
06. Opposities Attract (Tomorrow Without Her) Ft. Javonte 4:32
(Prod. Willie B)
07. Michael Jordan Ft. Schoolboy Q (Prod. Sounwave) 5:50
08. Ignorance Is Bliss (Prod. Willie B) 3:30
09. R.O.T.C. (Interlude) Ft. Bj The Chicago Kid (Prod. J-Mo) 2:43
10. Barbed Wire Ft. Ash Riser (Prod. Sounwave) 4:25
11. Average Joe (Prod. Wyldfire) 4:16
12. H.O.C. (Prod. Drop) 5:17
13. Cut You Off (To Grow Closer) (Prod. Taebeast) 6:04
14. Heaven And Hell Ft. Alori Joh (Prod. Tommy Black) 3:11
15. She Needs Me (Rmx) Ft. Dom Kennedy And Murs (Prod. 3:15
16. I Do This (Rmx) Ft. U.N.I Skeme and Brown Of Sore Losers 4:08
(Prod. Sounwave)

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