You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Charles Hamilton – Sober Karaoke (Mixtape)

Wow I really didn’t think anybody was going to leak this. In a way I’m happy you all get to hear this but on the other hand I think Charles would have released this when he was ready to. Either way shouts to WiCH for releasing this. Its definitely a classic. Cover Art by me.


01 – Hi! What is Sobre Karaoke
02 – Pretty In Pink
03 – Anger Managment
04 – The Project Stairwell
05 – I Hate You, Charles Hamilton!
06 – Till Last Summer
07 – On Some G Shit
09 – Friendship Bracelet
10 – Charles In Charge
11 – Tarissa’s Song v2.0
12 – Karen Song 3.1
13 – See Ya Later!
14 – Rain Man 2

Download Mixtape Here

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