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Charles Hamilton – The Up (Mixtape)

WiCH let loose another Charles Hamilton project a few days ago I never got around to posting until now. This one was dope to me because I never heard it before! So I have been bumping this since they dropped it. This was recorded in 2010 right?

Since it’s 4th of July of weekend, also known as StarCHaserChristmas, we didnt want to leave you guys empty handed so we give you guys “The Up” which has 2 unreleased tracks along with Suicides w/original mix (5 tracks in total)….


01 – Commercial Break
02 – Suicides (Original Mix)
03 – SunBathing
04 – Where Do We Go From Here
05 – Your Girl

Download Mixtape Here

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  1. check it out & like my page thx

    July 15, 2011 at 11:10 PM

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