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M.I.C. – The Constant (Mixtape)

M.I.C. is back in full effect with his new album The Constant. If you checked his last project The Variable then you know the talent this guy has. This is by far hands down his greatest project to date. I’ve been telling you all since Beat The Week that M.I.C. is by far one of the greatest up and coming artists. I am on my second listen now and all I can say is this album is amazing it really is. Its miles (see what I did there?) ahead of most the music dropping today. Him and Axis are on the road to fame. A label would be stupid not to sign these guys. Even if they go independent they will still be huge. Check this shit out though I promise you it will be a great listen.


01.On Top (Feat. Axis)
03.Beautiful Destruction (Feat. Yas)
04.All Right
05.Let’s Get It (Feat. Cash)
06.Last Man Standing (Feat. Tommy Zing)
07.Fly Now
08.Back Then
09.In The Shadows (Feat. Masai)
10.The Constant

Download Album Here

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