You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.


First thing first, huge Charles Hamilton fan (hence the name lol). But I like music of any kind. Music is me and is what I do and will forever do and be apart of of. I made this blog to share my love for music with others like me. To share new, old, rare and unreleased music. From tracks to mixtapes to music videos to news. I really just post what I feel is dope in my eyes. I don’t really post everything every other blogger posts, I try to post the stuff that everybody seems to over look or forget about. I don’t just post music for the sake of posting music, If said song or mixtape is dope then it will get posted, I also talk about the music..not just post the track and back out. Not much more to say, I hope you all enjoy the site, tell a friend to tell a friend.

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  1. Kil Ripkin
    Respect for what ya doing and helping me get a voice out

    Can you post the video with these words-I would appreciate it much.

    Peace and Love Family Finally I Present to you the long awaited video by Kil Ripkin titled “Not You” Directed by Science Projects and Produced by Eric G
    The Balancing Act out Soon

    Can you email me the link once it is up to?


    Kil Ripkin-Part of The Coalescence with Torae
    Some of his collabs include-Kurtis Blow, Skyzoo, Chaundon, Torae, Kam Moye
    Follow me on twitter-
    For Tours and Collab Info-hit me up at

    Kil Ripkin Bio

    Hip Hop is a culture that was created by and for the people, and when it comes to exhibiting that love and passion for the art, nobody displays it like Kil Ripkin the Genereal, AKA The Ghetto Correspondent. Growing up in the Coney Island section of Brooklyn N.Y., Kil set out on his journey to be the next big thing in Hip Hop. Kil began as a solo artist quietly establishing his name as some one to be wreckon with, earning the respect of his peers alike. Kil began producing his own music working under the tutelage of his big Bro., songwriter, producer and engineer Don Newkirk (Smoking Heads). Kil also sharpend his skills working with long time engineer Filthy Rich (Yosumi Entertainment). Quickly Establishing himself as a up in coming producer going under the name of (Storm) thru out the five boroughs, Kil hooked up with Mighty Real and Rebel X. They formed the rap alliance called the “Supreme Forces” who featured the likes of Space, Telepathic and the Young Veteran Torae. Working on a Rebel X solo project, Kil and Reb decided to form the New York underground group “The F.E.D.S”. The two were a deadly combo releasing several underground hits including the single released on Step In Deep Productions, titled “Drama” featuring Rasheeda. Kil has put in work with several other artist and groups like, I.G.T formerly of loud records, Get Doe Entertainment, Stix (Horror City), Kings Kounty Records, The Plague, and several comilation albums most notably “Game Over” released on Yosumi Records. Credits also include co writing and producing songs on 40 Acres, “Get on The Bus” and “Crooklyn” soundtracks, and most of the production on Torae’s “Coney Island Finest” mix tape. After years of producing for several artist and the split of the FEDS, Rip turned his focus back to his solo career and started working on the revolutionary banger “Black Power Black Love” The Buz CD, with production from Kil,Don Newkirk and Valentine of I.G.T. The album became the theme music for the revolutionary Uhuru movement that was taking place in Brooklyn, and Kil’s passion grew even more to get his message across. Kil’s Stage prowess filled many venues thru out the New York area which made his shows the place to be. Off the success of Black Power Black Love, Kil and his Coney Island bretheren Torae continued to Groom there work together and with the help of then manager (Squirrel) Attic Entertainment, they linked up with up and coming dj Vega Bennenton and his partner Wally Suede and together they formed the Hip Hop Super Group The Coalescence. They released the underground hit “Promises” and the group was nominated for two underground music awards including song of the year. The Co. will be back in the lab soon but until then expect a lot of heat from the Genereal starting with the “Balancing Act” produced by Mikal Evans (Deep Rooted) Raticus and Eric G. The Music is soulful, truthful, spiritual and rebellious. Surely after one listen to Kil Ripkin you will realize very quickly what Hip Hop truly sounds like.

    June 4, 2010 at 7:12 PM

  2. D

    Yo man, keep it up. that’s it. lol. I recently found your site and am taking full advantage. love the bonus and unreleased volumes. looking forward to vol. 7 of charles. keep doin’ it!

    March 12, 2011 at 4:57 PM

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