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M.I.C. – The Constant (Mixtape)

M.I.C. is back in full effect with his new album The Constant. If you checked his last project The Variable then you know the talent this guy has. This is by far hands down his greatest project to date. I’ve been telling you all since Beat The Week that M.I.C. is by far one of the greatest up and coming artists. I am on my second listen now and all I can say is this album is amazing it really is. Its miles (see what I did there?) ahead of most the music dropping today. Him and Axis are on the road to fame. A label would be stupid not to sign these guys. Even if they go independent they will still be huge. Check this shit out though I promise you it will be a great listen.


01.On Top (Feat. Axis)
03.Beautiful Destruction (Feat. Yas)
04.All Right
05.Let’s Get It (Feat. Cash)
06.Last Man Standing (Feat. Tommy Zing)
07.Fly Now
08.Back Then
09.In The Shadows (Feat. Masai)
10.The Constant

Download Album Here

M.I.C. & Cash – A Beautiful Strategy (FreEP)

So M.I.C and Cash just dropped a killer ass EP today called A Beautiful Strategy. Its full of songs they can perform on stage when they do a show or something. Each song is awesome in its own way. I highly suggest everybody checks this out. You all know I’ve been following M.I.C for a long minute now since the beginning and every new project that drops is definitely 10x better then the last. He has grown and progressed so much since Beat The Week. Be on the lookout for M.I.C’s new album The Constant dropping later this year. He’s got some insane new music to hit the streets with. You can stream the whole thing below as well as download for free. Enjoy!


1. Beautiful Struggle
2. Not Feelin’ It
3. Heavyweights
4. Let’s Get It
5. No Love Forum

Download EP Here

Knuckles Artists

Here are the artists I work with and promote. All four are amazingly talented and are definitely worth checking out. I wouldn’t be affiliated with them if they weren’t. I will keep this updated every time they release something so keep checking this page every so often. Check the page, here.

M.I.C. – The Variable (Mixtape)

Wow, this is by far the best project M.I.C has made. He has worked really hard on this shit and you can tell that when you listen to it. This is hands down my most favorite project from him to date. With excellent tracks such as “John Locke” “La La La LA” “Poison” and “IDGAF” its something I will have on repeat for a while now. I suggest everybody at least check this shit out, you won’t be disappointed.

**Bringing this back to the top as it should not be overlooked.**


01 Daniel Farraday Intro
02 Beautiful Struggle (Feat. Cash)
03 La La La LA
04 We’re Done
05 Sunshine (Feat. Masai)
06 Poison
07 John Locke
08 All That Glitters
09 Hank Moody
10 Where I Belong (Feat. Paul Thompson)

Download / Stream Mixtape Here

Axis & M.I.C. – Sound Off (EP)

The long awaited “Sound Off EP” is now available for the fans! This tape is absolutely crazy. I have been a fan of these two for a long minute now, and they are two of the best in the game. I’m gonna give this EP a 10/10 and that’s the honest truth. The beats are awesome, the lyrics are definitely there, and this project is all around dope. You can download below, or support real Hip-Hop and buy a digital or hard copy here. And you can stream (or download) here.




SendSpace : Datpiff

M.I.C. & Axis – Tipsy

M.I.C. and Axis are back with a killer single off their new “Sound Off EP”. You can now go cop “Tipsy” on iTunes right now! Only $0.99 so go support real music and cop their new single now. I told you all before that Axis and ya boy M.I.C. are doing big things and they just keep moving forward. While the haters stay one step back. All we do is win, win, win no matter what!