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M.I.C. – The Constant (Mixtape)

M.I.C. is back in full effect with his new album The Constant. If you checked his last project The Variable then you know the talent this guy has. This is by far hands down his greatest project to date. I’ve been telling you all since Beat The Week that M.I.C. is by far one of the greatest up and coming artists. I am on my second listen now and all I can say is this album is amazing it really is. Its miles (see what I did there?) ahead of most the music dropping today. Him and Axis are on the road to fame. A label would be stupid not to sign these guys. Even if they go independent they will still be huge. Check this shit out though I promise you it will be a great listen.


01.On Top (Feat. Axis)
03.Beautiful Destruction (Feat. Yas)
04.All Right
05.Let’s Get It (Feat. Cash)
06.Last Man Standing (Feat. Tommy Zing)
07.Fly Now
08.Back Then
09.In The Shadows (Feat. Masai)
10.The Constant

Download Album Here

Charles Hamilton – The Up (Mixtape)

WiCH let loose another Charles Hamilton project a few days ago I never got around to posting until now. This one was dope to me because I never heard it before! So I have been bumping this since they dropped it. This was recorded in 2010 right?

Since it’s 4th of July of weekend, also known as StarCHaserChristmas, we didnt want to leave you guys empty handed so we give you guys “The Up” which has 2 unreleased tracks along with Suicides w/original mix (5 tracks in total)….


01 – Commercial Break
02 – Suicides (Original Mix)
03 – SunBathing
04 – Where Do We Go From Here
05 – Your Girl

Download Mixtape Here

Charles Hamilton – Sober Karaoke (Mixtape)

Wow I really didn’t think anybody was going to leak this. In a way I’m happy you all get to hear this but on the other hand I think Charles would have released this when he was ready to. Either way shouts to WiCH for releasing this. Its definitely a classic. Cover Art by me.


01 – Hi! What is Sobre Karaoke
02 – Pretty In Pink
03 – Anger Managment
04 – The Project Stairwell
05 – I Hate You, Charles Hamilton!
06 – Till Last Summer
07 – On Some G Shit
09 – Friendship Bracelet
10 – Charles In Charge
11 – Tarissa’s Song v2.0
12 – Karen Song 3.1
13 – See Ya Later!
14 – Rain Man 2

Download Mixtape Here

Emilio Rojas – Life Without Shame [NO DJ] (Mixtape)

Like I said earlier I will be posting some of Emilio’s dopest projects for those that have yet to hear them. Figured I would start with Life Without Shame being this was the first one I started listening too today.


01. To the Fullest (ft. Jaiden The Cure) [prod. CKP]
02. Life Without Shame (ft. Tennille) [prod. J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
03. So Alive [prod. S-Type]
04. Champion (ft. Laura Reed & Voodoo) [prod. Illmind]
05. Tell No Lies (ft. B.o.B. & Leo) [prod. DJ Green Lantern & V12 The Hitman]
06. Close to Me [prod. Midnite]
07. Look at Me Now (ft. Dion Primo & Ashanti “The Mad Violinist”) [prod. M-Phazes]
08. Right to Stay [prod. Needlz]
09. All Mixed Up [prod. Dante Ross]
10. Ex Girl (ft. Mickey Factz)
11. About No One [prod. Mental Instruments]
12. Turn It Up (ft. Yelawolf) [prod. DJ Green Lantern]
13. FTW (ft. Mike Bigga aka Killer Mike) [prod. DJ Static]
14. Hold You Down Remix – Laws (ft. Emilio Rojas & Big K.R.I.T.) [prod. DJ Khalil] (Bonus Track)




Mixtape Monthly (May)

So wow is it just me or is time flying this year? Its already June can’t believe it. Looking back in May only a few mixtapes come to mind that were dope and one being Young Jeezy’s The Real Is Back. This is one of his best mixtapes that I ever heard IMO. Runner up for Mixtape Monthly was Chamillionaire with his Badazz Freemixes 1 & 2.


01 – The Real is Back
02 – How You Want It
03 – Dram & Jeezy Speak
04 – Win Win
05 – All The Money ft. 211
06 – SnowGo ft. Slick Pulla
07 – Broads ft. Scrilla & Slick Pulla
08 – Dram & Jeezy Speak 2
09 – Flexin ft. Yo Gotti
10 – Ballin ft. Lil Wayne
11 – Rollin ft. Fabolous
12 – Slow Grind
13 – Hoodstar ft. Slick Pulla
14 – Count It Up ft. 2Chainz
15 – Talk About It ft. Boo & Scrilla
16 – Run DMC ft. Freddie Gibbs
17 – Count It On The Floor ft. Scrilla & Slick Pulla
18 – Four ft. Alley Boy
19 – I Ball I Stunt ft. Scrilla
20 – Dram & Jeezy Speak 3
21 – Do It For You ft Freddie Gibbs

Download Mixtape Here

Shouts to 2dope on the link.

Paul Thomospn – Escapism

So Paul Thompson decided to finally release the long awaited project Escapism few days ago and I completely forgot to post this. I had this for a minute now and have listened to it multiple times and realized this is by far his best mixtape to date. Favorite songs are “Writing Desk” “Curtains, Pt. 4” “Audrey Hepburn” and “A Song For You”.


1. The Raven 02:49
2. Writing Desk 05:02
3. Bloodshot Eyes (w/ John Daniel) 04:30
4.Curtains, Pt. 4 02:12
5. Staring At The City (w/ Nathan EJ & Jacob Sandry) 02:59
6. Peoplewatching (w/ John Daniel) 02:10
7. Pass By 02:48
8. Trainspotting (w/ Masai) 03:16
9. Audrey Hepburn 03:05
10. A Song For You 02:30

Download Here

Mixtape Monthly (April)

So April took no thought at all as the dopest mixtape was Chamillionaire’s Major Pain 1.5. This was even better then Major Pain. I listen to this on my iPod just as much as I did the first week it was released. It just never gets old. Enjoy!

Download Mixtape Here

Mixtape Monthly (March)

So I’m going through some posts just now and realized I’m like way behind on the Mixtape Monthly’s lol. So If I remember correctly the hottest mixtape to drop back in March was Best Day Ever. This is Mac Millers best mixtape thus far IMO. I can listen to this shit straight through without wanting to skip a track. If you don’t believe me then listen for yourself.

Download Mixtape Here

Axis – Imagination (Mixtape)

Axis finally dropped his long awaited Imagination project and this was definitely worth the wait no doubt about it. I have been listening to this non stop for the past few days its such a dope mixtape. Like I said before this is most definitely his best project to date. He put a lot of work into this shit and that hard work didn’t go unnoticed. I will probably do a little track by track review down the road once all the songs have sunk in completely. But right now my favorite tracks are “Sunny Day” “Mr. Morgan” “See You Later” and “Dreamer” that’s just off the top. This is so good its one of those tapes you can throw on and listen to every single song. Everybody needs to check this you can stream the whole tape below as well as download for free and if you really feel it you can purchase a hard copy for a whole $3.00. Enjoy!


1. Pure Imagination (Intro) 00:47
2. Ballerina 04:20
3. Dreamer 03:57
4. Your Life 03:59
5. No One Like Me 04:34
6. All In Ft. Buddison 02:51
7. Hope You’re Doin’ Well 02:45
8. Muzik Is My Drug 03:22
9. Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere Ft. M.I.C. 03:13
10. Sunny Day 03:00
11. Let’s Get It Pt. 2 03:27
12. Mr. Morgan 04:03
13. Popular 03:39
14. Chaos Interlude 00:57
15. Arkham 03:18
16. See You Later 04:38

Download Here

M.I.C. & Cash – A Beautiful Strategy (FreEP)

So M.I.C and Cash just dropped a killer ass EP today called A Beautiful Strategy. Its full of songs they can perform on stage when they do a show or something. Each song is awesome in its own way. I highly suggest everybody checks this out. You all know I’ve been following M.I.C for a long minute now since the beginning and every new project that drops is definitely 10x better then the last. He has grown and progressed so much since Beat The Week. Be on the lookout for M.I.C’s new album The Constant dropping later this year. He’s got some insane new music to hit the streets with. You can stream the whole thing below as well as download for free. Enjoy!


1. Beautiful Struggle
2. Not Feelin’ It
3. Heavyweights
4. Let’s Get It
5. No Love Forum

Download EP Here

Charles Hamilton – NHF (Mixtape)

NHF was recorded back in 2010, Charles recorded songs about his children so enjoy, but this is not an official project from him, seeing as how he did not have control over the artwork, the track listing and the titles were indeed changed, take it for what it is….and also Charles contacted us recently and he wanted all you guys to know that he indeed likes his music so enjoy..


1] I’m Chris Rivera (Chris)
2] I Must Be Beautiful (Alysse)
3] King Of The Weirdos (Stephen)
4] Where Is Charles Hamilton?
5] Daughter Muzik (Amy)
6] Dino’s Rhymestyle (Dino)

Download Mixtape Here

Shouts to WiCH for the tape. (I found it there first anyway.)

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased 7

Ok so I was actually gonna wait to post this for a few more weeks but I have literally had people ask me for this everyday now since Volume 6 dropped. Again, every track is the very best of quality and No DJ of course. And each track was gone over in studio programs to make sure they fit the tape perfectly. This should hold everybody over until Mr. Hamilton decides to drop some new music. I had giving this to a few people a few days early and they all said this is definitely one of the best volumes to drop. Hit me up in comments and let me know what you think of the project. Enjoy!

Knuckles EDIT: Big shout outs to MM for creating the original cover. A friend had sent the original to me but never told me where it came from, so I ended up re creating it to The Bonus & Unreleased 7.

Download Mixtape Here

Knuckles Hamilton Presents: ScrapOnTheTrack (Volume 1)

I present to you a very dope Instrumental mixtape all produced by ya boy Scrap. These are top notch beats. I know there’s a lot of cats around here that rap so I think everybody will be pleasantly surprised with this. If anybody does anything with any of these beats please hit me up with the tracks in the comments and if its dope I’ll throw it up on the blog. If you don’t want it posted that’s fine but please still send the track for us to hear. If you like these beats and want more hit up


01. I’m The Best (Prod. By Scrap)
02. No Scale (Prod. By Scrap)
03. Rather Be With You (Prod. By Scrap)
04. Never Gone 2 Hollywood (Prod. By Scrap)
05. They Don’t Care (Prod. By Scrap)
06. My Life’s A Movie (Prod. By Scrap)
06. Rider’s Anthem (Prod. By Scrap)
07. Nothin’ New (Prod. By Scrap)
08. Million (Prod. By Scrap)
09. Lay Down Ya Gun (Prod. By Scrap)
10. I Guess (Prod. By Scrap)
11. Hit Em (Prod. By Scrap)
12. Exorcist (Prod. By Scrap)
13. Close 2 You (Prod. By Scrap)
14. Bonus Track (Prod. By Scrap)

Download Project Here