You Don't Know The Sadness Of A Joker.

Charles Hamilton

Below are my Bonus & Unreleased tapes. I will be adding FULL CH Discography later on.

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased (2009)


01. Intro
02. Rockin That Pink
03. Brass Knuckles
04. Way Cool
05. Word Aight (Soulja Boy Diss)
06. C Food
07. Do It
08. Ghosts
09. I’m That Shit (Freestyle)
10. The North Pole (Feat. Max B)
11. The Desired Answer (Say Yes or No You)
12. More C Food
13. Mixtape Vents (Uncensored) (Yung Berg Diss)
14. Dummy (Soulja Boy Diss)
15. Naked
16. Main Man (Unreleased) [Bonus Track]

Download MixTape Here

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased 2 (2009)


01. Where Is Charles Hamilton (Intro)
02. Charles Hamilton Is Back
03. MTV Cribs (Prod. By The Chonchords)
04. Mr Right Now
05. Been In Love
06. Sunshine
07. The Hamilton Anarchy
08. November 10th 2008
09. Runaway Groom
10. Charles Hamilton & Joe Budden – Freestyle 08
11. MTV2 Cribs
12. Something
13. The N Word
14. Third Letter
15. Keep Dreaming (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
16. Stutter (NODJ)
17. We Major
18. Beta Future

Download MixTape Here

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased 3 (2010)


01. Charles Hamilton (Intro)
02. Black Like Me
03. Get Stupid
04. The Moment
05. Wat It Gotta Be (Feat. SHow TuFli)
06. Gloves
07. Sound Bully (Feat. B/A & J. Means)
08. You Don’t Know
09. 3PM
10. Catch My Balls
11. What you Talkin Bout
12. Fine
13. No Particular Reason
14. Sun Music
15. Money Right
16. Windows Media Player (NODJ)
17. Most Likely To Succeed
18. Come Around
19. Speak No Louder
20. On The Road
21. People Of The River

Download MixTape Here

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased 4 (2010)


01 – Pretty Long Time (Forever) (Prod. By Boi-1da)
02 – Sega Music (Last of the Mauritians) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
03 – Dr. Kevorkian (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
04 – I Hate Parties (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
05 – Paperboy (Feat. B.O.B) (Prod. By B.o.B & Charles Hamilton)
06 – I’m So Tired (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
07 – Unusual Bro (Beautiful) (Prod. By Eminem)
08 – Choices (A Wave For Alex) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
09 – SuperSonicLove (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
10 – Tax Evasion (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
11 – Inentions (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
12 – Reset (Prod. By Woody)
13 – Press C (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
14 – Previous Posts (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
15 – Gauchos (Prod. By Jim Jonsin)
16 – Kat Stacks (Prod. By Scott Storch, Irv Gotti)
17 – Neverland Ranch (Prod. By LT Moe)
18 – Sunbathing (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
19 – Your Girl (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
20 – Freestyle (Remastered) [Bonus Track]
21 – NBA (Freestyle) [Bonus Track]
22 – Slow Motion [Bonus Track]
23 – Veterans Day (Prod. By Charles Hamilton) [Bonus Track]
24 – 27 Minute XXL Freestyle [Bonus Track]

Download MixTape Here

Charles Hamilton – The Bonus & Unreleased: Freestyle Edition


01 – World Debut (Freestyle)
02 – Freestyle On DJ Green Lantern Part One
03 – Freestyle On DJ Green Lantern Part Two
04 – Thisis50 Freestyle
05 – Toca Tuesdays Freestyle
06 – XXL Freestyle
07 – Invasion Freestyle (Feat. Joe Budden)
08 – Freestyle Friday (1)
09 – Best Buy Freestyle
10 – Freestyle Friday (2)
11 – UStream Freestyles 7_19 (1_4)
12 – UStream Freestyles 7_19 (2_4)
13 – UStream Freestyles 7_19 (3_4)
14 – UStream Freestyles 7_19 (4_4)
15 – Ustream Freestyle
16 – Ustream Freestyle Part 2
17 – Ustream Freestyle Part 3
18 – Fight Klub Freestyle
19 – Charles Hamilton Speaks
20 – Best Freestyle Of 2010 [Bonus Track]

Download MixTape Here


01 – Sega Police (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
02 – Best Freestyle Of 2010 (Prod. By Kanye West)
03 – My Fro Is Coming Back (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
04 – Swine Flue (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
05 – (At) Photoshop (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
06 – Hi Jahira (And Rebbecca) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
07 – twitter.comsonghachang (Prod. By Kanye West)
08 – All Alone pt. 2 (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
09 – Curve All (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
10 – The Return of Bleach (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
11 – BSSY (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
12 – Mars Vs Jupiter (Feat. Nell$ Butta & Toine Mars) (Prod. By Sha-leik)
13 – Whats My Name (Serious Jones Diss) (Prod. By Eminem)
14 – No, No, No (Feat. Teairra Mari) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
15 – I’am Allison (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
16 – Body Roc (Feat. Show Tufli) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)

Download Mixtape Here


01 – Rehab (Feat. Amy Whinehouse) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
02 – Open Hart Bitch (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
03 – Rememeber Changes (Prod. By The Facutly)
04 – Charles Hamilton (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
05 – What Are We Gonna Call This Shit (Feat. Show TuFli) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
06 – Breakaway (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
07 – Look At Me (CDQ) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
08 – Pink (The Light Of) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
09 – Danger (Feat. Johnny Polygon) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
10 – Daily Schedule (Feat. TM & K. Krills) (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
11 – Water Star (Prod. By The Faculty)
12 – Wait Till I Get My Money Right [CDQ] (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
13 – Black Creme (Freestyle) (Prod. Statik Selektah)
14 – Devil In A Light Pink Dress [CDQ] (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
15 – Exhibit C (Freestyle) [Bonus]
16 – I Wanna Rock (Freestyle) [Bonus]
17 – Get Away From Me [U Stream Rip] (Prod. By Charles Hamilton)
18 – Heavenly Bounce (Prod. By Charles Hamilton) [Bonus]

Download Mixtape Here

Charles Hamilton Bio:

In the year 2525 CH (comedial horizon era), Charles Hamilton was hatched from the byperbird Wendy Williams. As Wendy was nursing the birdling Charles, he fell out of the nest, through the Lining of Silver’s Cloud, and into Mauritian Jungle. He was further raised by Madagascar wildlife, and introduced to music via Curtis Mayfield.

After a regular day of running around listening to “Little Child Runnin Wild”, soldiers from W.A.C.K. N.I.G.G.A.S. (Warriors Against Charles’ Kingdom, Now Interrupting Great Genius Art Suckas!) bumrushed the wildnerness, kidnapping a napping Charlie Baby.

He was then abducted by Sega. “Cuter than a gumdrop,” remembers Jack Splash. Sega incapsulates him in a liquid vase, transmitting his thoughts and keeping only the positive, for the broadcasts to other planets with life on them.

One night, his psybeams blast through his vase, and he takes form of the actress we know as Marilyn Monroe. Her beauty alone caused politicians to get brittle in their ideals. So, in her calm state of politicual frustrations, she created Communism (“…a belief system to calm you niggas down; hop off my titties!” says Marilyn)

Unfortunately, she was raped by the Kennedy administration. Such events were covered up by her hop-out-the-cake dance, to keep Jack Splash from completely demolishing Earth for harming his “luv”.

Enter Charles Hamilton Houston. Charles always had a thing for Justice. Ask Janet Jackson. He was a smooth talking esq. with a low cut ceasar and an attitude to match. Houston gets all Kennedy’s repremanded, and runs off with Marilyn. Comes home one day to find her dead, and gets put away for life for the “murder” of… his split personality. However, they merged… the outcome,

Charles Hamilton Jr., the deadliest musician anywhere.

In the 1980s (AD; After the Disrespect of Marilyn), music lacked flavor and a true tint of the color PINK. So, on November 10th, 1987, Prince, Michael Jackson and Madonna allowed their light beams to merge and give birth to the modern-day One Man Jam Band, Charles Hamilton. The Jr. was to show humility, in that the music embodies everything, and may very well be the only music worth listening to.

His parents embodied the spirits of Jimi Hendrix and Chaka Khan. It’s safe to say they are his parents, as his father was an excellent saxaphone player, and his mother has very strong singing abilities.

In the years between 2007 and 2010, he has released more (quailty) music than artists who have been around for 30 years. 35+ mixtapes, projects, albums, EPs, Thematic Compilations and diaries. He simply refers to any body of music as a Blog, earning him the affectionate title, “Best Blogger Alive”.

Critics love his music, and love to hate (on) his mentality. Such diverse reactions fuel his never ending force of music.

He is… well, Charles Hamilton.

One response

  1. nick

    hey what happend to the new and unreleased 7?…. I was going to download it but hadn’t made a datpiff account. Once I did they took 2 days to send me a confirmation email once I got it I went to download the 7th new and unreleased mixtape but I couldn’t find it anymore?

    June 23, 2011 at 4:57 AM

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