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Knuckles Artists

Here are the artists I work with and promote. All four are amazingly talented and are definitely worth checking out. I wouldn’t be affiliated with them if they weren’t. I will keep this updated every time they release something so keep checking this page every so often.


Wow where do I begin? M.I.C and I have been friends for a minute now. Dude is sick with a pen and has a flow like no other. He just recently released his first official project, The Variable which you can download/stream below. He has worked with all the artists listed below as well and has a few collaborative projects with Axis that are worth checking out. It won’t be long he will be signed, can’t see why nobody would not want to sign him tbh.


01 Daniel Farraday Intro
02 Beautiful Struggle (Feat. Cash)
03 La La La LA
04 We’re Done
05 Sunshine (Feat. Masai)
06 Poison
07 John Locke
08 All That Glitters
09 Hank Moody
10 Where I Belong (Feat. Paul Thompson)

Download / Stream Mixtape Here


Axis is insane with the pen. Has that unique voice that makes you want to listen to him over and over like the other 3 artists. He recently dropped his third project, Public Axis Vol. 1 – Enter With Care. Be sure to check that below. I first heard Axis rapping with M.I.C a while back and could tell both these dudes were talented as hell. And I never heard nobody mix his records like this man does, plus he makes his own beats. Big things to come.


01 – Hollywood
02 – Axis Vs. Bryan
03 – Lonely Nights
04 – Anxiety
05 – Change Me
06 – Black and White
07 – I’m In Here Ft. Paul Thompson
08 – One More Chance
09 – Broken Mirror Remix

Download Mixtape Here
Listen/Download On Datpiff

Paul Thompson

This man is on the path to success, every album he puts out is indeed better then the last. He’s still growing as an artist and becoming something amazing. When you listen to Paul Thompson you can tell he’s influenced by Dessa and Atmosphere, 2 of my favorite artists. Again, unique and original and very talented. His music never gets old. He has a new project in the works titled, Escapism. That’s due out in a few months, will keep everybody updated when I get more info.


1.Marilyn Monroe 02:50
2.Artificial Light (interlude) 01:52
3.Beside Myself ft John Daniel 03:54
4.3507 02:29
5.Curtains, Pt III 03:42
6.Marginal (Interlude) 01:17
7.72 Hours (Broken English) 02:37
8.Matthew Fox ft M.I.C. 03:09
9.Lyndale 03:04
10.Katharine Hepburn 03:17
11.At Home Like This 03:48
12.We All ft Jacob Sandry 03:39

Download / Stream Project Here


Wingspan is an amazing artists, and a great friend of mine. And when Nate (Wingspan) gave me the heads up this was in the works I was excited as ever to hear it. The first track I got to hear off it was “Good Morning NY” and after the first listen I knew we were in for a treat. And sure enough when we finally got Down2Earth it was nothing less then amazing. Wingspan went in on this shit. My personal favorite joint off this is “Sky Status (Forever Over Heads)”. I had a snippet for the longest time and I played the shit out of it, when I got to hear the final deal I was blown away. Wingpsan is a new and upcoming Artists who is set to work with “Copywrite” and more dope artists this year. So keep an eye out for this dude, he’s truly one of a kind and has created his own lane. Growing Wings coming soon.


01 – Welcome (Produced by Thelonious)
02 – Down To Earth (Produced by Slip)
03 – Good Morning NY (Revamped) (Produced by El-P)
04 – Sky Status (Forever Over Heads)
05 – Every Word I Say (Produced by Slip)
06 – Life? (Produced by Charlie Hilton)
07 – The Last Supper (Ft. Frank Ramz & Marky) (Produced by Charlie Hilton)
08 – Life? (Remix) (Produced by Urban Noize)

Download “Sky Status (Forever Over Heads)” Here

Download “Down2Earth EP” Here

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  2. Emilio

    these guys r actually really good. whys this site so dead

    June 26, 2011 at 4:25 AM

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